Tuesday, 12 April 2011

13 animals straight out of your nightmares

13. Deep Sea Hatchetfish, the Fish That Will Eat Your Soul

12.The Squid with Teeth

11.The Fish with a Human Fucking Face

10.What's Worse Than a Fish with a Human Face? This.

9.Cthulhu Larva

8.A Spider with Arms... and Claws

7.The Giraffe Weevil the Thing That's On the Back of Your Neck Right Now

6.The Mata Mata Mutant Turtle

5.Aye Aye Lemur, the Rat that Ate All the Crystal Meth

Star Nosed Mole, the Furry Creature with Tentacles

3.The Big Red Jellyfish

2.The Fish with the Transparent Head

1.Wolf Trap